Stansell Construction began on nothing other than a leap of faith in 2006 by owners; Justin and Jessica Stansell. 

“After helping run the family’s dry cleaning business and earning a Bachelor’s degree in business administration I didn’t feel satisfied with my career choice. I have had a passion for hands on building since I was old enough to read a tape measure. My grandfather, Bill Duncan, taught me the basics and that lit a fire in me as an adult to do far more than I ever dreamed I could do. With the encouragement from Jessica and faith in the Lord, we started Stansell Construction.

The company has evolved from handyman services and small remodels to custom homes and commercial sized metal structures over the past few years. Our goal is to listen to you as our customer and provide you with the best knowledge and abilities to see your project through from start to finish. Our crews are made up of hard working, honest, qualified and experienced men which allow us to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. We take pride in every job we encounter and we will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy upon completion.”
Justin Stansell

Justin, his wife, Jessica and their boys, Jackson and Judson live in Mt. Pleasant, Texas where Stansell Construction is based.

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Justin Stansell – Stansell Construction
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  • Stansell Construction built two residential buildings and one large vehicle shed for me over the last two years and did exceptional work on all three construction projects.  Justin Stansell's creative and knowledgeable suggestions before and during construction resulted in better buildings  than we had envisioned, and he and his crews brought every project in on time and on budget.  I will hire Stansell Construction again, and I highly recommend Justin and his company to anyone with construction needs.

    Walter B. Huffman Major General, U.S. Army, Retired

  • I have had Justin do two remodels on homes I own. One of which I live in now, the other my daughter lives in.

    Justin is a true pleasure to work with, he always does what he says he will do.  I have ask him to do some different things like change a bedroom into a closet, or do a complete remodel in 15 days, he just smiles and says ok.

    Justin takes control of the job, he lines everyone up so the job works smoothly.  I never had to check and double check because once you tell Justin how you want it, it is done the way you want it.  I was going to leave town, I mentioned sprinkler heads have to be moved before a wooded deck could be started.  While on our trip my husband ask did I make sure the sprinkler heads were moved because the deck had started, I simply said I didn't have to I told Justin so it would be done.

    Justin goes above and beyond his actual job to see the "Total" job is working perfect. He will also follow up after his job is finished to make sure everything stays perfect.  I highly recommend this energetic, sweet, young man to do your next construction job.

    Sheila McKelvey